Saturday, November 9, 2013

We're Loaded!

"We're loaded" - a popular phrase in the Jones clan. This phrase can refer to many different things. Most of the time it means the trucks are loaded for the days work. The women of the family have adopted this phrase to mean "we're ready" or "let's go" or when excitement is bubbling around ranch headquarters - Maw-maw and Paw-paw's house - it meaning changes to "yeehaw!"

We thought it appropriate it to entitle this post with the Jones clan phrase. In this situation I believe all meanings hold true - we/I am literally "loaded", we are officially "ready" meaning everything in house is in place, we are cheering "let's go", and of course the excitement of Peanut's arrival leaves us exclaiming "yeehaw!".

Here is Peanut's room. My favorite thing about this room is the different contributions our friends and family have made. As I was taking these pictures I began to imagine telling Peanut about these special people and all the good times we would have together discovering the world...

Decorative cactus made by a dear friend, bringing desert notes from West Texas and framed birthdate guesses from some of our dear friends (let's hope those who guessed December will be far off the mark).  

Gifts of puppets, stuffed animals, and books. Oh, the fun we will have experiencing these stories and bringing these animals to life!

A great rocking and reading chair. I can perfectly picture holding Peanut and watching the squirrels and birds out of this window.

Pictures from my sweet Aunt Mozy that bring fascinating safari animals to our neck of the woods.

A colorful tribe of turtles given by Aunt Jenn, grateful to have a nice distraction above the diaper changing station ;)

A quilt made by Ma (Ray), a beautiful Lion/Aslan knit mobile that Aunt Meg gave, and  a sweet framed print of my favorite childhood bird, the Red Wing Black Bird, given by Ahh (Ali).

We feel so blessed to bring our sweet baby home to a room sprinkled with meaningful art, books, and furniture from dear friends and relatives - a perfect theme for our nursery.