Monday, April 28, 2014

4 Months

Elizabeth Enck Kirkendall
month four
weight: 13lbs. 3oz.
height: 25 1/4in.

Here are a few of our favorite pictures and memories of her fourth month.

Elle loves to play sitting up, she is very eager to do this on her own soon!
Stroller rides are a staple these days.
We had to captures her "long wispy locks". Some portions of her hair have taken forever to fall out. Poor Elle, she needs a haircut so bad.

Four month check up

My favorite....
With month four came lost of new "stations".
Another exciting station!

Elle also went on her first airplane ride to see Ma and Pa for Easter in Amarillo.
Reading Time magazine with mom.
Getting dress for Easter Sunday service
We were so glad to all be together on Easter Sunday. Sorry for the bad pic Sam!
First Swim

Month four has been filled with more fun and joy than we could have imagined!

Putting on the Brakes

Elle's little laugh amuses me to no end. It sounds as though she is putting on the brakes, after an initial burst of laughter she will breathe in a long squeaky breath. While we were in Amarillo she latched on to my moms sneezing and couldn't quit laughing. Hope you enjoy.

La Vernia Vaca.

So, I am about 2 months behind here. Forgive me. This will be brief but I must share some of our favorite pictures from our La Vernia vacation we took March 10 -15.

Some BBQ place in central Texas. Sam will have my hide for not knowing the name.

I felt that I must document our added road trip adventure, a flat tire. Not ideal on your first road trip with a 3 month old but these new parents were not defeated. We managed to make in to Seguin in 8 hours! ;)
We were so glad to finally arrive. We had a spectacular week with the family. Elle met many of her cousins for the first time, we also went fishing, hunting, running, four wheeling, and jeep riding. Of course the best part was time with our people.
Ellam and Elle meeting for the first time, they are exactly one week apart.

Monday, April 7, 2014


FINALLY! Our 3 month blog is here even though our little one is already 4 months! I know, I have been a terrible blogger the past month and half and yes, Bud has bugged me incessantly! I will say that it is not without a good excuse! We have been so busy, good busy. We have gone on vacation, hosted family, gone to baptisms, and kept up with work! I hope to update you more regularly. For now I have written about Elle's three month developments.

Elle has become so much more aware of her surroundings as you can see in her super-girl photo. She loves outside. Staring out of the window keeps her occupied for quite a while. She loves to look in on her neighbors like her mom and dad ;).
She has also dramatically improved her tummy time!!!

As you can see by Elle's contented look she loves our neighborhood walks, thank God! With the nice weather and her new love for being toted around outside we have put in some serious miles.
Post bath time is one of our favorite family activities. Once Elle is squeaky clean and has her fair share of bathtub kicks we take her in our room for lotion, diaper change, and brushing of her lingering long wispy locks! She really likes to show off for us during this time with a lot of giggling and rapid fire kicking. We so treasure our evenings together.

Love this pic but not sure why I forgot her bows!

 Elizabeth Enck Kirkendall at 3 months wieghing 12 pounds and 6 ounzes. 
I have no idea how long she is but we will get an official record today at the doctor ;)