Friday, January 31, 2014

Month Two

We can't believe it but Elle is already two months old! I am particularly excited about this milestone as we are finally reaching longer stretches of sleep a night. Of course there are many other reasons I am happy to reach this time period. 

Elle's personality is really beginning to shine through. She is incredibly sociable. She coos and smiles as soon as she wakes until she goes down to sleep. She loves looking around, in fact we cannot even use our baby carrier right now because she is not old enough to face out however she cannot stand to face inward. She seems to love her place in this world thus far which gives us great delight.

She is gaining strength day by day, discovering her hands and the sensation of feeling material with her tongue. I believe her activity mat is her absolute favorite place to be. She kicks and grins when we lay her down to interact with colorful rings, mirrors, and music. We love our precious girl!

Elle currently weights 11 pounds and is 24 inches long. 

 Here are a few of her favorite developments and activities in her second month of life:

She loves to stick out her tongue after we have demonstrated how to so.

She could not be more happy to see her daddy when he returns home from work. She is certainly a daddy's girl!

Elle also loves hanging out with her cousins!

And I know that when Elle cooed and talked on this day she was exclaiming her excitement to play dress up with Evie one day.

Elle and I have enjoyed many walks  around the neighborhood rain or shine - we have to get out once and while :).

Here is a picture of Elle meeting Zion Albertson, one of her first friends. We enjoyed an entire day together since Zion's parents, James and Jennifer, came to town for the weekend. I believe we have many good times ahead of us with the Albertson's!
Here they are holding hands :).

Zion and Elle kicking legs together.

Our neighbor Brandon is a very successful and talented photojournalist ( He kindly offered to take some pictures of Elle on his 1970s camera with black and white film. 
Elle was definitely not shy about striking a pose!

So I need to preface the next bunch of photos. My mother brought some of my old baby dresses down the other day. I realized that Elle would quickly out grow these dresses before spring so I decided to do a photo shoot. I must insert a disclaimer here. If you are one to tire of goo goo gaga parents taking lots of photos of the their babies you might want to skip this section ;)
I thought she looked just like my old baby dolls in this outfit.

Our good friend and neighbor Gina was around for the photos. She kept Elle smiling for me. 
Here are a few pictures of Elle on her activity mat, I always get excited for this part in our day.

Here is a short video I took to send Sam while he was at work, she really showed off in this one.

Our sweet friends Mimo and Gina babysat a couple of weeks ago when our nanny didn't show up to watch Elle while I was at work. Being the artist they are they decided to create a video of their time with her. This short video perfectly captures this stage in Elle's life. It is pretty cute, to view just click the link below. 

How our world has changed in just two months. We could not be more happy for this new season.

Elle's Dedication

On January 19th we dedicated Elle to God. I feel as though we have done this informally many times before now, upon the news of our pregnancy and of course the day she arrived to us in full form to name a few. However it was wonderful to have a formal day of dedication. We feel extremely blessed to have so many good friends from our faith community. Standing before them all, as well as our family and committing to God's will as parents as well as confessing our blessing was one of the richest experiences of my life. Thank you all who made this day so special for us!

All the LIDE babies being dedicated
We were so glad to have both of our families there.

Some of our life group buddies, Jeff and Damany.
Clesi and Hallie with her son River.
And of course the newly engaged couple blessed us with their presence.
Charlie and Evie endured a long church program. Thank y'all!
Elle was awake for at least part of her dedication ;)

The families gathered at our place for a lovely Sunday lunch to celebrate.
Papa offering Elle some tea.
Our sweet neighbors Brand and Brittany joined us for the dedication and lunch.
Sam enjoying his lunch ;)
We were so glad the weather was nice, it made for a great picnic.