Wednesday, December 17, 2014

1 Year in a Snapshot

I find the pace at which babies grow so inspiring and the support it requires so humbling as this picture beautifully captures. Photograph by Brandon Thibodeaux ( 


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Birthday Party!

For Elle's birthday we had a small gathering of our friends and family. We celebrated picnic style, Sam grilled dove and sausage and we ate strawberry shortcake since strawberries are one of Elle's favorites. We had fun and we think Elle did too ;)

Sam was happy to grilling and not herding kids!

Elle was very serious while eating her cake. She did not crack a smile. I could not tell if she in actually enjoyed it or was just amusing us.

Completely spaced out!

Our wonderful guest.
Elle and her sweet Katie.

This is Elle the morning of her actual birth date. We got her a barn and it was hit.

We had so much fun celebrating one year with Elle. With falling yellow, orange, and red leaves and the shadows of fall I found myself so nostalgic for the days surrounding her birth. My fall season has forever been marked. We love you Elle!


I finally got around to taking Elle's one year pictures. I think I was my subconscious putting it off knowing that this would be one of my last regular post. I will not continue to do monthly updates, mainly because they become quarterly updates ;). I want to end Elle's blog here and will continue to blog regarding big family events. 

Anyhow, here is Elle at one year. Just under 20 pounds and I am not sure of her height (this is the area where I really do act like a mom of 3). I do know that she is in the lower 40th percentiles for height and weight and in the 90 percentile for head circumference. I think she has already acclimated to the saying "you can't hurt a Kirkendall by hitting them in the head" seeing as the size of her head as well as her toughness when dinging it occasionally :). 

At one year Elle has 1/4th of a tooth and is very content to be walked around by her grandparents. Her small size, toothless, grin and contentedness are some of her most endeared characteristics. We experience such joy doing life with Elle, we have tried to capture some of that in the following pictures. 

So big and so proud.
Elle and Pa going for one of their morning walks over Thanksgiving.

I just love having a daiper baby running around the house. In this picture she is still wearing her 3-6 month socks, they are just a little small :).

Elle and Sam beginning the Christmas tree hunting. 

Elle enjoying the goodies on the tree.

We had an early Christams at Ma and Pa's house in Amarillo. Unfortunately Elle was not feeling well all weekend. Here she is trying to cool off while running a bit of a fever. I felt bad for her but I enjoyed the snuggles. 
Elle's Great-Grandmother (Mary Belle) bought her a kitchen for Christmas. Elle has some growing to do until she is just the right size for it but she loves playing with it regardless. 

Elle went to visit Santa with Ford, Evie, and Charlie. She did not like it, she much preferred playing with Ford afterward.

Posing Elle. ;)

Elle and her 1/4th of a tooth. 

Every now and then I find myself stopping my business to watch Elle play. Today I captured some of these moments. 
Love this little yogi squat. 
She is very proud and gets very excited to push the ball down the spiraling hay bin. 

We call this section of our dining room her "playroom".

This is a bit blurry but she loves to crinkle her nose and rapidly breath out of it. She is goofy! I think she is trying to make a funny when she does this as she thinks it hysterical when anyone blows their nose. I am not sure, regardless this is one of my favorite little games we play. 
Turkey baby.

Perfect fit

Elle and I busying ourselves while Sam was hunting. We went to browse Christmas trees. :)
Enjoying an airport smoothy. Yum!

She is very proud of her one year self. We are trying not to let on too much of our pride ; ). Thank God for one beautiful year and we pray for many more. 

One more. We don't want to give the impression that life is perfect for Elle. Visiting Santa was one of her worst experiences in her first year. ;)