Tuesday, November 25, 2014

11 Months!

This post is late however, Elle is still 11 months so technically speaking I am on time:). Our month by month pictures are proving harder to take with Elle's increased mobility. As you can see in this picture Elle loves standing and being walked around. When she is in my lap she will grab each one of my index finders and pull demanding to be walked around. She loves her mobility and we love watching it!

We went to Amarillo to see Ma and Pa while Sam was in San Francisco for a conference. As you can see here Elle was eager to learn Ma's trade. 

This is one my favorite pictures from her 11 months. I sent Sam a video while he was at work and his intern snapped a picture of him watching the video. I just love his reaction. :)

Elle thought she needed to try on her cowgirl get up while in Amarillo. This little girl could not look more like her daddy!

For Halloween we joined the Burri clan for dinner and trick-or-treating. The excitement is palatable!

Here are the Halloween tricksters. We have from left to right: Robin, Batman, Flash-girl, and Cat-woman.

Sweet girls. 

Robin and Cat-woman didn't really mind their role, they ditched Batman and followed one another around all evening. 

Bobbsey twins!

A rowdy crowd!
Elle with her Ah.

Another set of bobbsey twins!! They have the same exact expression in this moment. 

11 months with Elle Belle, how could it be any better?