Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Birthday Party!

For Elle's birthday we had a small gathering of our friends and family. We celebrated picnic style, Sam grilled dove and sausage and we ate strawberry shortcake since strawberries are one of Elle's favorites. We had fun and we think Elle did too ;)

Sam was happy to grilling and not herding kids!

Elle was very serious while eating her cake. She did not crack a smile. I could not tell if she in actually enjoyed it or was just amusing us.

Completely spaced out!

Our wonderful guest.
Elle and her sweet Katie.

This is Elle the morning of her actual birth date. We got her a barn and it was hit.

We had so much fun celebrating one year with Elle. With falling yellow, orange, and red leaves and the shadows of fall I found myself so nostalgic for the days surrounding her birth. My fall season has forever been marked. We love you Elle!

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